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Mobile Pet Groomer , Phoenix, Az.

How much will my pet's grooming session cost ?

Most grooming sessions start between $85.00 and $95.00 (+tax) depending on the condition of your pet's coat, temperament and size. Final pricing is determined during consultation.

Your pet's session will include: 

  • Shampoo with Sulfate free products
  • Conditioning treatment
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail trim / file (if applicable)
  • Gland expression (if applicable)
  • Brush
  • Hand dry
  • Haircut (if applicable)

Can I watch you groom?

Unfortunately, no. The business insurance for mobile groomers only covers the pets in out care and not humans. In most situations , the pets enjoy their session much more without an audience. And I do my best to get them back to sleeping or chasing tennis balls as soon as possible!

Do you need to plug in for electricity?

Yes,I operate a grooming unit that uses BOTH SHORELINE( plug-in) power AND A SMALL GENERATOR SIMULTANEOUSLY this means less noise for the pets and neighbors. Outlets not shared with refrigerators or other large appliances (ie: running washers, dryers, window unit air conditioners) are ideal.